Here’s How to Use Liqui Moly Fuel Injector Cleaner for BEST VALUE

The liquid moly fuel injector cleaner eradicates deposits on injection valves, spark plugs, intake valves, and in combustion chamber.

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It also gets rid of new despoits that might just begin to form. It solves the problem with rough engine running and maintains all parts of the gasoline injection system.

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How to Use Liqui Moly Fuel Injector Cleaner

Other Features

  • Protection of the whole fuel system against corrosion
  • Throttle response and compresison improvement
  • Gets the emission test valies and performance in top shape.
  • Clean engines use less fuel and reduce the pollutant emissions.

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How to Use Liqui Moly Fuel Injector Cleaner


  1. Simply add directly into the fuel tank.

Note: a 300ml bottle is enough for 70 l of fue. It’s effect remains for up to  2,000 km. Tested for use with turbochargers and catalytic converters.

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