SO, Can You use Fuel Injector Cleaner in a Carburetor? FIND OUT!

Yes. Some fuel injector cleaners can effectively clean carburetors. Carburetor deposits are generally easier to clean than fuel injector deposits.

Can You use Fuel Injector Cleaner in a Carburetor?

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As far as I can tell, Yeah, you can. However, not all fuel injector cleaners can clean a carburetor. It all depends on which bits they were created to clean.

There are mainly two sources of fouling for fuel injectors.

  • There’s the additives in the gasoline (varnish) and
  • Carbon fouling from combustion.

You’d only find a varnish in the carburetor unless ofcourse something’s not right. With fuel injectors, its more of carbon fouling with maybe some little traces of varnish.

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That said, the varnish will dissolve to at least some degree in practically any liquid hydrocarbon. So, you might need to scrub a bit more, but it will probably work.

In the past when special cleaners cost more, I would clean carburetors with little amounts of fresh gasoine. It’s not as great as a good cleaner, but it has the advantage of being something you already have access to.

Note: Ensure you have good ventilation and secure all potential sources of ignition as it tends to be a bit more volatile than carburetor cleaner.

Can You use Fuel Injector Cleaner in a Carburetor

What Should I use to Clean a Carburetor?

I recommend using Carb cleaners. It’s pretty potent stuff and would get you the desired result in most carbs.

How Can I Clean my Carburetor?

  1. Tear down your carb
  2. Grav your carb kit
  3. Spray the car with a carb cleaner so the caked junk can be loosened
  4. Once all passages are sticky clean, install a carb kit
  5. Re-assemble and reinstall the carb.

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