Can Fuel Injector Cleaner Cause Problems

Well, it depends. If used correctly, injector cleaner will cause no problems. However, damage can be caused if it removes components as part of a “routine” process. Some users have reported fuel injector causing damage to emission components and fuel injectors.

With oxygen sensors and catalytic converters taking up most of the damage.

Wait, Can Fuel Injector Cleaner Cause Problems?

Although there are no sciencific research publication that proves that they do work. It is safe to say that fuel system cleaners actually work and cause no issues, if used correctly.

However, if the deposit buildup is too much then regular pour in fuel injector cleaner solvents won’t be effective.

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Can Fuel Injector Cleaner Cause Problems

So, What are Fuel Injctors?

Injector cleaners are solvents that aid in the clear up of the fuel pathways. These fuel system cleaners in bottles are poured into the fuel tank.

They begin working to clean the whole fuel system by dissolving the gum and other residue that has built up in the fuel lines over time.

Although fuel injectors are effective at debris prevention, small amounts of particles and gummy residue still pass through. Fuel injector cleaners are burnt off in the engine while its running since they are combustible solvents.

Polyether amine is used for petrol and diesel applications. It works to reduce the chances of your engine misfiring and knocking off. It’s also effective in removing excess moisture from the fuel line.

This chemical really helps when there is old gas in the fuel tank that’s just blocking the fuel line and not burning. PEA is added to the injector cleaners so that it can dissolve solid deposits in the fuel lines.

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