My name is M.B. I’ve been working as a mechanic for over 18 years and have been doing some advanced automotive diagnostics for a few years now. I’ve found a lot of false information on websites over the years, so that is why I decided to create a website where you can trust updated repair information. We mainly publish articles about problem codes, but we also cover various trouble codes too.

I’ve been a certified diagnostic technician/master technician for 10 years. I have expertise in diagnosing and repairing cars. I work with different brands on the market but have expertise in German cars, American Cars, European Car and Japanese Cars, etc. I also have knowledge of other kinds of vehicles like trucks and tractors.

The purpose to design the Autotech99 Blog to provide the best stuff of Automobile around the world. Autotech has successfully grown and make a great place around the world and still trying to provide the best stuff.

We are focused to provide the genuine update and trying to make more your user friendly browsing on our website.

This blog site is dedicated to automotive mechanics and car owners, sharing the knowledge they need in the most recent blog posts.