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Top 7 Car Maintenance Tips That Makes your Trip Easy

Want to increase your car life and want to save money. Before Rushing the Road for a trip makes sure that you follow these some steps, that is helping us to make away from the car problem!

Car Maintenance Tips: Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

Car Maintenance Tips: The summer time is travel for the long and long drive. Even if the petrol price so high, it doesn’t matter. Those who love to travel, they can’t take care of the high price, they only just want to travel (because they love travel). According the survey 30 million Americans and 10 million Indians are planning to travel by car.

So make your trip and pack your bag for going to this summer rock, but before hitting the road, you can take some simple precaution that makes your journey awesome and also keep your family safe and also safe your money. Tire Brust and extreme heating engine can make a big loss of money and in that situation you have no alternate option, you have to spend those large amounts. These tips are not only saving your money, but also increase your car life.

Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

#1  Check Your Tires:

tire pressure Car Maintenance Tips: Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

Tires that is one of the most overlooked part of our vehicle. According to the RMA (Rubber Manufacturer Association), one out of the ten driver checks the tire pressure correctly. The drivers wash their car regularly, but they can’t check the  tire pressure, over inflated particularly in hoy summer season.

Tire pressure changes according to rising of the outer temperature. Consult your owner manual or check the pressure inside wall of the tire and also check with the pressure checker gauge.

Use the little penny trick to see, if your tires contain enough tread. Make sure with your local service shop or in the tire store can also check your tire with the proper alignment and balance.

And please don’t forget about your spare tire on your, check it properly if your spare tire is in the worst condition, than make it fixed properly. And also make sure that after the fixing your spare tire, the ample tread depth.

Note>>If we are talking about the car care, then the tire has there important role, if your tire are not in good condition, then it puts the negative effect on the car’s fuel economy. If you care your car, but don’t change your tire time to time, then you waste your money on fuel per month.

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Car Maintenance Tips: Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

#2 Change oil and oil Filter (If it is required).

oil change  Car Maintenance Tips: Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

Oil is not only the that liquid which helps us the engine motor for a smooth ride. Most of the owner manual contain, that change your oil and the oil filter in every 7,500 miles (12,070 Kilometers) or in three months.

The main fact, that is most of us do a lot of driving during the summer, though this the engine gets overheated. So that is the main fact for car care, at least check your car oil before rushing the road with your family.

How to check the oil or the oil filter?

Check oil Car Maintenance Tips: Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

To check the oil, first drive yours for a little distance, then park your car at the level surface and shut it off the engine. Now first open the hood and take a long stick. You have to check two things that check: First the oil level and also check that how the oil looks. If the oil contains a small particle, and it looks brownish yellow, then it contains the smallest particle of the engine parts, means you have to change the oil immediately and also change the oil filter, because that small particle harm your car engine and also decrease the engine life.

Note>> After the replacement the oil  and oil filter, please don’t throw that in that in the garbage or in the sewer drain. It can pollute the streams or pollute the ground water by sitting in the ground. Placed that oil in the two liter soda or water bottle and after that put it to any nearest recycling center.

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#3 Check the belt and hoses

Car Maintenance Tips: Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

Now we are talking about that part of the car that is the key of your car that makes your car’s engine  cool. We also discuss about the radiator and the coolant, but first you need to check the belt and hoses. The hoses that are connected to the radiator and the belt that rotates the fan which keeps the engine cool. In any case the hoses are cracked and the belt  snap, then the engine is heated very soon.

Check the hoses regularly there cracks, leaks and the hoses are not bound to loose. Hoses suffer the deterioration process that is called ECD (Electrochemical Degradation) that is making the hoses loose from the inside.

Check the belt to be very sure that the is in good condition it free from crack and damage. Experts say about the duration of belt change after 36000 miles (57,936 kilometers).

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#4 It is time to change the Air Filter. Let’s Do it

Air filter  Car Maintenance Tips: Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

Over the winter season, your car’s air filter getting blocked with salt and other thick waist. A clocked air filter gets really lower your car fuel economy. By the replacing the blocked and dirty air filter, it really increases the fuel efficiency by 10 percent.

But How do you know that it is time to change the air filter. It is getting some sign. Let’s find out.

The time to replace the air filter in every 12000 miles (19312 kilometers), but it also depends on the road and air condition that where you have to drive. If you have a lot of driving on the dirt road than your car’s air filter blocked very soon with the Debris as compared to the car run on the highway. The only real way to know if you need to replace your air filter and gave it to a quick inspection to your mechanic.

Now here something interesting, the dirty air filter works better work than a totally clean or brand new air filter. This is because, these particles become the part of the filtering and also help with trapping the dirt particles or in a clean filter the particles slipped past.

There is no trick or real science to know that when it is time to change the filter. If it gets really bunch of dust, then it’s sure to be changed.

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#5 Check your brakes Carefully

Car Brakes Car Maintenance Tips: Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

Your brakes are the single most important safety part, that makes you and your family safe while you’re driving. Be safe and don’t put your family in any kind of risk.

Here some signs that you really want to follow, before driving your car.

  • Brake pedals become soft, easy to push and soggy.
  • Brake pedals become very hard (Means it needs to be repaired).
  • Brake pedal rests very high or very low.
  • Indication or warning on the dashboard (please do not ignore them, go and first repairs the brakes).

Note>> Here something which you want to know, squealing sound brakes are not necessary, that it is a sign of a problem. It also due to the moisture in the brake, discs, shoes and drums. For the better safety you should only concern with your mechanic.

But if you ignored these signs, then you have to pay the large amount of money on the brake repair.

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#6  Check the Radiator and the Coolant

radiator Car Maintenance Tips: Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

The car is designed to be run on hot, but there is also some limit to how hot they should run. A combustion of the engine is most efficient at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius). But if they exist this limit, then the engine part gets to be melted and causing large huge problems for a car engine, and you have to pay larger repair bill.

But now the modern car has a cooling system that uses a chemical coolant called the antifreeze and makes the series of pumps, hoses and fans to keep the car at its optimal running temperature.

But this coolant also has some problem point that’s putting it into the great problem. The low level of low coolant levels, cracked hoses and broken belts.

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#7 Check your car Battery

Car Battery Car Maintenance Tips: Top 7 Tips That Makes your Summer Trip Easy

It is true that in the winter season the battery gets slowed down. But don’t get the wrong consumption in summer the battery didn’t slow down, or you don’t have to check the battery, it is also a very important.

In the summer, the battery liquid gets the speed of chemical reaction inside and causing the battery to be overcharged. The over charged means over electrically heating can also damage the battery.

The best way to keep your battery in running smoothly condition to keep it clean regularly. The battery wire switch gets covered with the chemical liquid which is leaked from the battery. So make sure that the wire tight and all the connection are secure.

So these are some basic tips which really helpful if you follow. Thanks for Reading this article.

I hope that this article really helpful to you. Please share your view and join the Discussion

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2 thoughts on “Top 7 Car Maintenance Tips That Makes your Trip Easy

  1. There are a number of ways to make traveling more pleasurable, as well as safer and less costly.One of them is the regular car maintenance regime.This article has given some tips on minimizing the stress and avoiding pitfalls.Thanks a lot for sharing!!

    1. Ankit says:

      Yes Nicole, I agree with you, there are many way to minimising the car maintenance, but these factor is main, if you follow this step then definitely decrease you car maintenance and also increase your vehicles life.
      Thanks Nicole, keep in touch..

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